Monday, March 11, 2013


Hard to believe I started this blog in 2008 (seriously?) and while it has given me lots of space to experiment, I've decided it is time for a fresh start as I begin my 20s (ee gad).

So let me introduce you to — A blogette curating the style, cuisine and hidden gems of the online world. My mission: to help you (re)discover your closets and kitchens with inspirations and ideas.

While that's not exactly anything new in terms of the blogosphere, I've realized after doing an internship at (an online publication for worldwide innovations), there's a serious amount of cool stuff that gets lost in translation. I'd like to think my project is not just about my personal style, but about offering insightful and sassy observations on the world of fashion, food and everything in-between. I think it takes a while to really figure out what your niche is, so right now it is more or less undefined.

If you've enjoyed the content that has been produced here, I hope you will take a leap of faith and follow my next project, editorette.

- Shiori

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Layering Bracelets - How to Mix and Match

Layering is no longer just referring to sweaters these days. A mix of bangles, watches and DIY bracelets are spotted on the arms of many elusive fashionistas and bloggers. To be fair, I'm not sure I am an expert on this subject since my wrists are ... well bare for the most part (I blame the fact they are so skinny). However, I think the key to layering those dainty wrists are similar to clothes: texture, size and focus.

1. Collect & Stack 'Em
The key to having a coordinate arm party is mixing up your stack with different textures, metals and styles of bracelets. You can pile them sky high or keep things minimal with just a few pieces. Don't have the big bucks? There are so many DIY creations that make this trend both, personal and thrifty.

(1 - Gorjana / 2 - ASOS / 3 - Ettika / 4 - Michael Kors / 5 - Dogeared / 6 - Miansai / 7 - Marc Jacobs)

2. Choose a Focal Point [aka Captain]
Now that you've got your army together, it's time to choose a captain. This piece is going to be the focal point, so make it big or bright to pull off a strong statement. Here are some beautiful statement watches that will help your arms stand out.

(1 - La Mer / 2 - Marc Jacobs / 3 - DKNY / 4 - DIESEL / 5 - AK Anne Klein / 6 - Michael Kors)

3. Vary the Size of Your Pieces and Personalize it!
You probably figured out by now that I am a gold girl when it comes to jewelry, but this party is all about what suits your personality. Good rule of thumb is to vary the size of your pieces to keep things interesting (i.e. thicker chains with smaller bangles). It is also great to incorporate vintage finds or personal pieces like a DIY friendship bracelet.

(Source: 1 - 2 - 34 - 5 - 6)

So there you have it ladies. Keep Calm and Pile 'Em On!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Wear Mint Green Pants

My boyfriend always asks me what my favourite colour is and I never had an exact answer for him until now - mint green! Coloured denim remains a strong trend in retail stores and fashion runways alike, but it's all about pastels for this upcoming season. Mint green is just one of the light, airy shades that is gaining popularity in the blogosphere. Here are 3 ways and some suggestions on how you can rock this trend.

Style #1: Bohemian Luxe
An easy going pairing for mint green pants is a delicate crochet top and neutral accessories. Experiment with layering different textures, but keep your accessories understated to avoid looking like a mess of patterns.

Style #2: Trendsetter 
If you are more of a trendsetter, here is a look incorporating some key items this season. The cut out shoulder blouse with embellished collar is edgy, but light enough to compliment your mint green skinnies. Add some colourful coral flats (great colour to pair with mint), a statement ring and cat-eye sunnies and you are ready for a stroll through the city.

Style #3: Head to Toe
Monochromatic looks are daring, but this look helps break down the obstacle of being head to toe in mint green. Use bold neutral accessories like a white patent belt or black suede pumps to add visual separation. Also consider pairing a lighter fabric on top if your pants are a thicker denim. 

Will you be sporting a pair of these trendy skinnies?

UPDATE: I am no longer blogging from this address. If you'd like to read more content like this, follow my new project -

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekly Five

Weather has been terribly gloomy one minute and perfectly sunny the next. I think Canadian weather is having some serious bipolar status.

(Clever cupcake tray - Source)

A friend shared a link from thedailybuzz on Facebook earlier and I thought these ideas were just simply ingenious! Using bread tags to hold loose electronic wires together, putting panty hose on a vacuum to find a lost earring, and getting sand off yourself with baby powder. I am very curious to trying some of these tricks out (Mythbusters anyone?). Check out the entire article here

(My Cambridge Satchel)

I know I've already discussed my new bag quite a bit, but ah just loving it each day that passes. This photo is the most accurate (not quite there yet) photo to date. 

(Milk Bottles - Source)

I first saw these adorable striped straws on Cupcakes and Cashmere, but I've been obsessed ever since with their retro charm. I'm very tempted to order a pack from etsy and host a cookie party. (UPDATE: I found a pack at Indigo and immediately bought them!)

(Beach - Source)

I've decided I cannot stand winter weather for much longer. Thus I need to be spending my reading week where the beach, sunshine, cocktails and tanning are always at hand.

(Outfit - Source)

Today, I found a new blogger that excites me with her playful style and combinations. I have about six blogs I like reading regularly, but I adore her aesthetic and very well thought out looks. Definetly check her out as I think she offers tons of inspiration for outfits. Atlantic Pacific - Here

Monday, January 9, 2012

Outfit - All dressed up with no where to go

Happy Monday!
I haven't done an outfit post in ages... let alone use lookbook. Since I feel as though procrastination is always best, I decided to take a break and show off some recent acquirements. My lovely Cambridge Satchel was featured already, but I also recently bought this adorable chiffon fishtail blouse and these sky high Zara t-strap heels. I've yet to wear the Zara shoes out of the house due to the nasty weather we've been having in Canada. However, I think they'd make the perfect finishing touch to a date or dinner with the girls outfit.

On a totally unrelated note, I have a feeling lookbook has changed the way hype and looks are displayed. Before getting 1 hype was like OMGLETSDANCE deal. Now it seems the standard is 30 is low for a look? Maybe this is like Master degrees becoming the new Bachelor but what's up with that?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cambridge Satchel - Fluro Yellow!

So.. I kind of hinted to my boyfriend a month before my birthday/christmas that I wanted the Cambridge Satchel in Fluro Yellow so badly. Now the next part surprised me because guess what I got to open up Christmas... none other then this beauty! The colour of this bag is honestly next to impossible to photograph accurately - my photos show it being more of a bright sunshine yellow, but its much more neon, kind of like a highlighter shade. In natural day light it is almost painstakingly bright... but my mom and bf made a good point it doubles as a safety vest for night time walks. The stitching is beautiful and quite honestly I'm afraid to use it just cause its too... pretty. 

If you are in Canada and interested in purchasing the bag, do consider in Toronto. They ship for free in Canada for orders over $50 and delivery accordingly to my boyfriend was very fast. If you do want more stock options, you will have to order through then. This is well worth the price and wait though - amazing quality and just a unique piece.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Overdue Holiday Gifts

(Gift Cards - H&M, Dynamite, VISA + Mall)

Little overdue but never too late to talk about the exciting hauls from the holiday festivities. I didn't do anything super exciting this holiday, just mainly relaxing at home and spending quality time with the bf.  

I am currently loving the butter LONDON nail polishes I picked up at Holt Renfrew in December. The colours I purchased were "West End Wonderland" and "Come to Bed Red" at around C$17 each. Pricey but I just fell in love with the adorable bottles and trendy colours after sampling some at my previous job. Speaking of which, I was gifted the benefit palette during the holidays from them as well. Yet to try it out but looks almost too cute to use!