Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cambridge Satchel - Fluro Yellow!

So.. I kind of hinted to my boyfriend a month before my birthday/christmas that I wanted the Cambridge Satchel in Fluro Yellow so badly. Now the next part surprised me because guess what I got to open up Christmas... none other then this beauty! The colour of this bag is honestly next to impossible to photograph accurately - my photos show it being more of a bright sunshine yellow, but its much more neon, kind of like a highlighter shade. In natural day light it is almost painstakingly bright... but my mom and bf made a good point it doubles as a safety vest for night time walks. The stitching is beautiful and quite honestly I'm afraid to use it just cause its too... pretty. 

If you are in Canada and interested in purchasing the bag, do consider in Toronto. They ship for free in Canada for orders over $50 and delivery accordingly to my boyfriend was very fast. If you do want more stock options, you will have to order through then. This is well worth the price and wait though - amazing quality and just a unique piece.


chenguang said...
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chenguang said...

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