Monday, January 9, 2012

Outfit - All dressed up with no where to go

Happy Monday!
I haven't done an outfit post in ages... let alone use lookbook. Since I feel as though procrastination is always best, I decided to take a break and show off some recent acquirements. My lovely Cambridge Satchel was featured already, but I also recently bought this adorable chiffon fishtail blouse and these sky high Zara t-strap heels. I've yet to wear the Zara shoes out of the house due to the nasty weather we've been having in Canada. However, I think they'd make the perfect finishing touch to a date or dinner with the girls outfit.

On a totally unrelated note, I have a feeling lookbook has changed the way hype and looks are displayed. Before getting 1 hype was like OMGLETSDANCE deal. Now it seems the standard is 30 is low for a look? Maybe this is like Master degrees becoming the new Bachelor but what's up with that?


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