Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekly Five

Weather has been terribly gloomy one minute and perfectly sunny the next. I think Canadian weather is having some serious bipolar status.

(Clever cupcake tray - Source)

A friend shared a link from thedailybuzz on Facebook earlier and I thought these ideas were just simply ingenious! Using bread tags to hold loose electronic wires together, putting panty hose on a vacuum to find a lost earring, and getting sand off yourself with baby powder. I am very curious to trying some of these tricks out (Mythbusters anyone?). Check out the entire article here

(My Cambridge Satchel)

I know I've already discussed my new bag quite a bit, but ah just loving it each day that passes. This photo is the most accurate (not quite there yet) photo to date. 

(Milk Bottles - Source)

I first saw these adorable striped straws on Cupcakes and Cashmere, but I've been obsessed ever since with their retro charm. I'm very tempted to order a pack from etsy and host a cookie party. (UPDATE: I found a pack at Indigo and immediately bought them!)

(Beach - Source)

I've decided I cannot stand winter weather for much longer. Thus I need to be spending my reading week where the beach, sunshine, cocktails and tanning are always at hand.

(Outfit - Source)

Today, I found a new blogger that excites me with her playful style and combinations. I have about six blogs I like reading regularly, but I adore her aesthetic and very well thought out looks. Definetly check her out as I think she offers tons of inspiration for outfits. Atlantic Pacific - Here

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The Fashion P.A. said...

That's a great list of ideas to make life easier!

I have always wanted to know how to fold fitted sheet too. Lol